Fashion Power Group is a diversified agglomerate which has vertically integrated apparel and textile manufacturing facilities, with concerns in Printing, Embroidery etc. Fashion Power Group started its journey in 2003 and till date, it has resulted in a conglomerate of 11 concerns.

Fashion Power Group has a dedicated and skilled workforce of more than 9,000 employees and had an annual turnover of USD 117 Million for the year 2019-20. Fashion Power Group supplies quality apparels to globally renowned retailers and is focused on upholding the reputation of the readymade garments and textiles industry of Bangladesh.

Fashion Power is well reputed locally and globally for its diverse set of sustainability activities. The unique sense of ourselves is to export optimum quality garments to the stakeholders where we introduce the most modern quality management system (QMS) with maintaining the smooth flow of operation in our apparel industry. To ensure the maximum support, we introduce all type of facilities means one stop service station in our project. We are strongly maintaining the compliance standard along with fire safety and CSR activities as well as the client CoC. We believe you will be satisfied with our performance and working environments.